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Hello and Welcome.

My name is Emma Montilini, Founder and CEO of Pathways for Victims of Domestic Violence, a volunteer professional non-profit organization helping to save lives before a suicide or homicide takes place. I would like to share something with you and request your attention to an outcry to help victims of domestic violence.

I call upon United States Congress, Community Leaders, Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Hospitals, Mental Health Providers, Corporations, Small Business Owners, Organizations, Entrepreneurs, and those with special interest to come to the table and address matters concerning domestic violence. It takes a team to end crime and to create innovative solutions that works.

Pathways for Victims of Domestic Violence is a participant in Community Development and creator of innovative building projects, programs and services to help lower crime and help victims get back on their feet.

What is Community Development? A process of making the community a better place to live and to work, to help build the quality of life primarily in the public sector. However, we cannot do this without building a Network of Friends that are willing to stand with us to support our mission to abolish crime. We hear, we see, and we stand for the voices crying out for help and we act.

To tackle domestic violence at its heel we believe that we must dive into the minds of victims and perpetrators to save lives before death occurs. Through scientific research and clinical trials, we formulate prevention and intervention programs suitable for victims. 

At Pathways for Victims of Domestic Violence we try to stop domestic violence homicide and suicide before it happens. Therefore, we are builders of a special kind of safe house (shelters) where victims can feel safe and able to focus on their goals. If you ask us What makes us different from other organizations? We would say that's not our focus point.  Unfortunately, we don’t make decisions on how we would compete against other organizations to put ourselves on top, we make decisions based on how we could protect the lives of victims and their children and thrive on the ideas of expanding the work we do. If we come out different that's great, but we stay humble to stay grounded and focus to save lives.

We thrive on designing and building safe homes to help victims feel a sense of warmth in a clean and friendly environment to make life easy for them to enjoy.

We work with survivors who can relate to victims needs and desires for change. We use public surveys and voting methods to enhance programs, operations, and departmental changes. Giving our best to victims means the world to us because we put our heart and soul into everything we do.

Pathways for Victims of Domestic Violence is a professional volunteer organization with a 99.99% success rate for giving back. Our members work hard and long hours and never leave without asking “Is there anything else we can do to help?”.

Volunteers look for no rewards but to see the accomplishments of victims turning into survivors. We are growing and leading the way, expanding in communities and in other states where we can raise the hope of victims. 

Pathways for Victims of Domestic Violence serve victims with low income or no income under the poverty level. Victims living in deteriorated communities are our biggest priority due to the high rate of suicide and homicide. 

To empower and safeguard communities we must be on our A game and show we care enough to create ongoing innovative programs and upgrade old programs that failed to work for victims. No more recycling victims or victims recycling themselves through programs that don't initially work. No more hiding behind closed doors and lack of communication with the public, but to survey the public to cater to their needs. Public involvement helps fill the loopholes to crime in their neighborhood. We want those who's pressing the pause button on victims to stop and get more active.

Pathways for Victims of Domestic Violence have sent out 12,000,000 surveys within Los Angeles, CA. We began in the opening of the organization from 2019 to 2022 and created over 50 innovative programs through feedback from the general public. As the feedback came in, we started our journey. Men, women and young adults on foot, in cars and using public transportation we won the hearts of many and received 10,000,000 responses by using the right training and communication skills. I guess you can say we were desperate to get to the root to become crime stoppers. 

We conduct clinical trials based on market research, competitive research, public surveys, survivors' testimonies and a storm of unique ideas to see if they benefit victims to formulate innovative programs. Programs are sorted and sent to the Board of Directors for approval to sign into action to perform clinical trials and to be voted on. The Committee of voters determines the quality of programs and if programs need adjusting. The Trustees signs off on the funds requested by the Representatives to activate clinical trials.  Advisors are assigned to the people of special interest to help with the final voting process. Staff are employees to operate the workflow and have no evolvement in the creativity of program's or have any voting rights. Volunteers survey the community and raise funds for operations. People of special interest hears the verdict on programs offered to the public to make a final vote. People of special interest can reject a program, accept a program or appeal a program rejected by the Committee of voters.  Programs are the people's choice, it gives them a part to play, by helping to lower crime in their neighborhood and it serves as the best interest of victims as well as survivors. 

When program packages are approved and offered to victims, they are given to a Case Manager, Social Worker, assigned Nurse, Counselor, Course Instructor and program Advisor. With this method and a streamline of processed data we show progress, and it becomes victim’s #1 resource for holistic treatment. We also provide monthly reports to victim's Social Workers for family unification. We work towards healthy choices for children, adults, seniors, and the elderly. In order for us to continue our fight to stand for victims we must come together, grow and work harder than ever to accomplish our goal. Serving on the frontline for victims is a choice not everyone can commit to, and the fight is real and so are the many challenges we face every day. 

We are focused on the lives of victims in the U.S. and refugees seeking Asylum from abroad due to war, domestic violence and persecution. 

Help us create more than just programs but shelter homes that will provide more safety for victims and refugees. Our volunteers are on the ground working hard with the public to make a difference in victim's lives, but without the help of donors we cannot help restore the balance. This year 2023 we will hire over 200 staff members to cover the State of California, this means every county resident will benefit by signing up with our outreach program and get shelter home assistance nearby. 


Pathways for Victims of Domestic Violence pledge allegiance to the sisterhood to protect and serve victims and survivors.. 

Pathways for Victims of Domestic Violence colors are purple and white, and our emblem heart is red.

We run an intense women empowerment program within our shelter system. Our shelter programs allow victims to think for the future of their family. We encourage continued education, employment, self-employment, and entrepreneurship. 

Reading Books by Jill Davies Lens

  1. Safety Planning with Battered Women
  2. Domestic Violence Advocacy 2
  3. Advocacy Beyond Leaving:

Compliance is not Acceptance

  • Surviving and Living Through
  • Create Toxic threats/Chronic Stress
  • Trauma and Trauma Reactions
  • Protective Parenting/Survivor in the MIDST

Dangers, Threats, harm, and harshness

  • Witnessing and hearing

We provide Certified Teachers and Counselors to teach the following:

  • English and Spanish Language
  • GED Prep Course
  • Alcohol and Drug Prevention
  • D.V. Prevention and Intervention
  • Family Unification/Foster Care

Additional Workshops - Off Site

  • Batterer Generated Risk
  • Life Generated Risk
  • Rule Resistance
  • Strategic Risk Assessment
  • Co-Parenting