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Human Services/Shelter Information

Individual and Family Shelters 

Aromatherapy, Peace and Serenity Shelters

Restore Balance and Quiet Time


An approved active and updated Order of Protection and Police Report(s) are required to enter shelter system. We accept transfer victims from other shelter facilities with good status. Case Managers or Social Workers must place the call for their clients or email us for placement. Victims must be at high risk and not transferred due to expiration of current location. We do not accept transferred victims who have intentionally violated shelter rules.

Shelter addresses are made confidential and not listed on the WEB.

Satellite Shelters are residential facilities and can be based anywhere in the USA.

Victims are not authorized to give out shelter locations for their safety.

Police Reports and Order of Protection are required as proof that domestic violence did occur. Once an Order of Protection is dropped by a client, we no longer consider a client a victim of domestic violence. Client must continue court proceedings until a permanent order is given by the courts.

Victims without a Police Report or Order of Protection will be transported to a hotel for 1 or 2 days pending an investigation before entering shelter. If victim filed a false report to enter shelter, the alleged victim will be released from the hotel assigned and band from reapplying with the organization'.

Duration of Emergency DV Shelter stay with children: 1 year.

Duration of Emergency DV Shelter stay without children: 6 months.

Duration of Homeless Shelter stay with children: 1 year.

Duration of Homeless Shelter stay without children: 6 months.

Exotic shelter homes, luxurious shelter apartments, spa based quiet time condo shelters, home sweet home shelters and standard shelters just to name a few are designed to make every victim feel at home and safe.

Health Restrictions

To enter shelter programs clients must have proof of COVID-19 Vaccine.

For more information, please fill out the "Contact Us" form.