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Change is coming for all.


We are here to combat domestic violence, sexual assault, economic coercion, child abuse and neglect, elderly abuse and neglect, human trafficking, homelessness, hunger, stalking, cyberbullying, suicide, and gender/transgender discrimination. 


To provide emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Moreover, provide additional shelter support for homeless individuals and families, runaway youth, and families caught in medical crisis. To offer shelter to victims of war seeking refugee resettlement into the U.S. due to persecution, rape and domestic violence. 

Community Outreach

Education and Awareness, Health and Human Services, Community Outreach, Hunger Relief, Public Safety, Elderly Assistance and Relief, Disaster Relief, Healthy Eating, Community and Economic Growth, Culture and Community, Racism, Diversity Equality and Inclusion. 


As professionals in pursuit for change, we advance our vision to address the pressing issue of Domestic Violence and Gun Violence. We fight for victim's freedom to live safely and openly. We fight against unsafe neighborhoods, housing and shelter discrimination. We believe all persons should be treated equally regardless of race, color, gender, national origin, disability, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, ancestry, disability, military status, and age. 

Take a Stand

We stand against brutality in any form physical or mental. We believe domestic abuse should be addressed and placed on the highest platform nationwide.

  We Stand In Peace

We Stand in Silence

 Honoring the fallen victims.

Pathways for Victims of Domestic Violence is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization established in 2019 for charitable, educational, scientific, prevention of cruelty to children, literacy, and public safety. .

A Revolution of Change.

Moving forward into the future.

Pathways for Victims of Domestic Violence is about a revolution of change. A gateway through the mind to learn, study, move aggressively, rise up and be the action of progress. It takes strength and courage to turn a negative situation around to positive. Domestic Violence is a dark place of isolation and control; jailed to change a person’s view point on life; tailored to meet the expectations of the abusers wants and needs.

Pathways for Victims of Domestic Violence opens its doors as the underground world for families seeking refuge and strength; a secret place that can house families and individuals in Temporary Transitional Shelters to prevent homelessness. Moreover, to be a center of hope to unshackle the chains of bondage, pain, scares, fear, anxiety, stress and confusion through domestic violence prevention and intervention programs.

We help individuals and families to rehabilitate and rise up to become strong without depending on the system for long term support. We are the underground passage to safety, healing, and mental health. Our strategy only changes when community voters vote to improve their neighborhoods to implement innovative programs to reduce crime.

To promote Human Growth and Development by responding to environmental conditions and social attitudes and behavior impairment. Taking critical analysis on these approaches to create programs that fit the human mainstream and the environment in which they live.

Our Value

Honor, integrity, selfless service, loyalty, and respect to our community.


Establishing innovative community development projects geared towards helping victims of domestic violence and the homeless community. Providing assessments and case management. Open investigations on victims and batterers to formulate truth over fraudulent reports. 

Number of Innovative Projects


Homeless Programs


Housing Programs


Housing Development Projects

Pathways P.H.A. 

600 Units

Shelter Development

Pathway's Transitional Shelter

Pathway's DV Emergency Shelter

Pathway's Disaster Relief Shelters

Pathway's Adv. Tech. Development

Pathway's Aromatherapy Shelter

Pathway's Medical Relief Shelter

Pathway's Refugee Shelter

Pathway's Foster Care Shelter

Pathway's Teen Runaway Shelter

Pathway's Quiet Time Shelter

Making serious changes to meet victims needs and to practice safety.

There is no better way to say

"Stand for something or fall for nothing"